Trade Exhibition at Singapore

We have many companies. One of our companies is trading specialist. Usually many companies that exhibit at trade shows find that they need to do something extra to draw attention to their trade show exhibits. And, that’s not too hard to understand – just entering a trade show hall or convention center is an assault on the senses from all of the exhibitors vying for the attention of the trade show attendees. We always trade with which is positive manner, so that our consumer feels satisfaction.

In this time we are preparing production exhibition programmed at Singapore. Several equipments we have prepared. Especially main equipment that is table covers companies and table top display. Table top displays are a great way to give precise and quick information to trade show attendees. This is an inexpensive way to add additional product support for your product, and will help potential customers gain a better understanding of what you are pitching. One of the main reasons, why table top displays are so popular is because they are extremely portable and lightweight, which makes them ideal for trade shows.

Nowadays, if you attend numerous trade shows, it is important that your displays are easily transported and allow quick set-up. So that more appears elegance and professional. We hope this exhibition can give our products sale enhanced.

How to Cool Your Room And Apartments Efficiently

Usually you go over to the wall-mounted air conditioner and flip the switch. Then you wait, hear nothing, and flip the toggle up and down again every time. So nothing happens. This is one of an example of air conditioners for apartments at its worst. It does not work to cool the air in your room or office room when you need it. An ineffective air conditioner might be one that is not working, or not working properly. We think it might be one that does not cool areas you want reduced to a lower temperature. Nowadays you can save money by selecting a portable air conditioner to cool the rooms you need cooled more effectively than a traditional permanently mounted air conditioner. And your room is come fresh.

We have any way to make our room become cool. One effective way to cool a room is to have the air conditioning on only in the room you are in, rather than throughout an entire building. Then focused air conditioning does the job better than cool air that is wasted because it is spread out over areas that are not in use. And also portable air conditioners for apartments are a great way to put cold air exactly where you need it. Any room of your apartment, not to mention screened porches and garages, or a cabin can benefit from the cool air provided by a portable air conditioners for apartments. Your place of work is also a great location for an air conditioner on wheels, because it can follow you to your office or cubicle, or into a hot server room to keep all of the myriad electronic devices running at top form because they are not being stressed due to excess heat buildup. We hope your air conditioner can work very well.

The other hand, another reason why portable air conditioners are effective in their function is that you can select units in various sizes or with various other features, to meet your specific air conditioning needs. We all know small units that can cool up to 200 square feet, up to large ones suitable to 500 square feet are available. So many small air conditioners come with remote controls for ease of use. And I am really air circulation is also improved with the use of an air conditioner. Some units also come with dehumidifiers, so you can wick the excess moisture out of the air and an important feature if you live in the humid southern region of the United States. Usually many of these also use the water taken in from air moisture to cool the coils in the unit, thereby increasing the unit's efficiency by this clever means. Some air conditioners are also available with ionizers and means for killing all bacteria, and useful functions for those suffering from asthma. Finally by selecting a unit of the correct size and with the features you need, you will save money by buying only what you need, as well as cooling only the rooms you wish. And every people will enjoy with well condition; cool room and clean from bacteria.

5 simple self Motivation Tips for People

Nowadays having a work from home business is the diamond of dreams for just about everyone I know, but it comes at a price. Sure, you've got the freedom to do what you want when you want, or so you think, but running a successful work from home business requires dedication, enthusiasm, lots of hard work and above all, plenty of self motivation.

After all, there's nobody but you looking over your shoulder and urging you to complete your tasks, so how do you maintain a level of self-motivation that will see you achieve the goals you want?

Here are my top 5 self motivation tips:

1. Decide On Your Goals And Write Them Down
To get motivated, you need to know what you're aiming to achieve, so plan short, medium and long term goals. The goals you choose need to be realistic and achievable. There's no point in setting the goal-posts so high they're out of reach - you're doomed to fail, and failure is not very motivating!

Write your goals down and place them in a spot where they're clearly visible and remember to re-visit them as often as possible.

Tell somebody else about your goals and dreams. Verbalizing and visualizing your goals makes them feel real.

2. Don't Let Your Feelings Get In The Way
We don't always wake up every morning with the exuberance we would like, particularly when there's no time-card to be punched. People with work from home business require a level of self motivation that those in the regular work force can't even begin to imagine.

Feelings are only that - feelings. They DON'T run your life! Remember the old song "Some Days Are Diamonds ,Some Days Are Stone?" Life is a bit like that; some days you'll wish you never got out of bed, others you'll power through your day.

When the only person you have to answer to is yourself, make sure the messages you're hearing are the right ones. Hitting the Snooze button is not going to make you or your home based business a success, so no matter how you feel, get up and do it anyway! Even really bad morning people find their motivation levels rise once they get started, regardless of how they felt earlier in the day.

3. Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination kills self motivation, but procrastination can be overcome with a well-structured daily schedule. People with work from home businesses, particularly Internet businesses, can find it difficult to set up a daily schedule because every day is different. The aim is to prioritize your tasks, giving the highest priority to those activities that will make you money.

Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the number of things you have to do. The answer is to complete each task before moving on to the next one. Procrastination can leave you feeling frustrated at never having achieved anything, so when you complete each task you set yourself, reward yourself for your achievements.

4. Reward Yourself
Work from home businesses don't have somebody in the corner office to give you that bonus you worked so hard for, or a day off in lieu, so you need to be able to reward yourself for your efforts. Your self motivation will increase enormously if you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Your reward doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, it doesn't have to cost anything.

Reward yourself with a night off and watch the latest release DVD, or go to the park with the kids. If you've had a financial gain, play a round of golf or have your hair done - it will make you feel great. Here's a self-motivation suggestion from a friend who works for himself: "I like to write down my to-do list and award myself a large red tick
as I complete each item. It may sound silly, but those big red ticks help give me a feeling of achievement."

5. Have Fun!
Home based businesses can be incredibly hard work, so a sense of humor is a key ingredient in your success recipe. Try not to take yourself or your business too seriously. Learning to enjoy yourself while you work your home based business keeps you enthusiastic and motivated, and staying enthusiastic and motivated helps you keep your stress levels under control.

Self motivation is its own reward and a jewel in the cap of your new-found freedom in successfully operating your very own work from home business. I hope you get special life with this motivation

Kahlil Gibran

adalah mereka yang mengerti ketika kamu berkata "Aku lupa.."
Menunggu selamanya ketika kamu berkata "Tunggu sebentar".
Tetap tinggal ketika kamu berkata "Tinggalkan aku sendiri".
Membuka pintu meski kamu BELUM mengetuk dan berkata "Bolehkah saya masuk?"

BUKANLAH bagaimana kamu melupakan melainkan bagaimana kamu MEMAAFKAN
BUKANLAH bagaimana kamu mendengarkan melainkan bagaimana kamu MENGERTI
BUKANLAH apa yang kamu lihat melainkan apa yang kamu RASAKAN
BUKANLAH bagaimana kamu melepaskan melainkan bagaimana kamu BERTAHAN

Lebih berbahaya mencucurkan air mata
dalam hati dibandingkan menangis tersedu-sedu
Air mata yang keluar dapat dihapus
Sementara air mata yang tersembunyi menggoreskan luka yang tidak akan pernah hilang

Dalam urusan cinta, kita SANGAT JARANG menang
Tapi ketika CINTA itu TULUS,
meskipun kalah, kamu TETAP MENANG
hanya karena kamu berbahagia dapat mencintai seseorang
LEBIH dari kamu mencintai dirimu sendiri
Akan tiba saatnya dimana kamu harus berhenti mencintai seseorang
BUKAN karena orang itu berhenti mencintai kita,
MELAINKAN karena kita menyadari bahwa dia akan lebih berbahagia
apabila kita melepaskannya

Apabila kamu benar-benar mencintai seseorang,
jangan lepaskan dia
Jangan percaya bahwa melepaskan selalu berarti kamu benar-benar mencintai


Lebih baik menunggu orang yang kamu inginkan
DARIPADA berjalan bersama orang "yang tersedia"

Kadang kala orang yang kamu cintai adalah orang yang PALING menyakiti hatimu,
dan kadang kala teman yang menangis bersamamu adalah

Cinta adalah sebuah lingkaran setan yang dipenuhi oleh malaikat,
Cinta adalah sebuah ketidak sengajaan yang diciptakan semesta,
Cinta adalah sesuatu yang akan kau dapatkan ketika kamu layak mendapatkannya,
Berjuang demi cinta bukan berarti mencari dan mengemis cinta
Ingat bahwasanya diluar sana masih banyak yang akan memberimu cinta
tanpa harus kau minta

Cinta selalu tak akan pernah bisa diungkapkan dengan apapun yang sesuai dengan kehendak kita karena bahasa cinta adalah bahasa yang abstrak,
bahasa yang hanya akan bisa dimengerti oleh mereka yang peka dan mengenal apa itu cinta

Kata2 Mutiara

Ketahuilah, apapun yang menjadikanmu tergetar, itulah Yang Terbaik untukmu ! Dan karena itulah, Qalbu seorang pecinta-Nya lebih besar daripada Singgasana-Nya. - Jalaludin Rumi

Sesungguhnya seseorang bisa disebut mandiri bukan lantaran ia sudah tidak lagi meminta, tapi lebih karena ia sudah bisa memberi harapan akan kembali diberi. - Anonim

Ketika satu pintu tertutup, pintu lain terbuka; namun terkadang kita melihat dan menyesali pintu tertutup tersebut terlalu lama hingga kita tidak melihat pintu lain yang telah terbuka. - Alexander Graham Bel

Kita tidak bisa menjadi bijaksana dengan kebijaksanaan orang lain, tapi kita bisa berpengetahuan dengan pengetahuan orang lain. - Michel De Montaigne

enius adalah 1 % inspirasi dan 99 % keringat. Tidak ada yang dapat menggantikan kerja keras. Keberuntungan adalah sesuatu yang terjadi ketika kesempatan bertemu dengan kesiapan. - Thomas A. Edison

Tempat untuk berbahagia itu di sini. Waktu untuk berbahagia itu kini. Cara untuk berbahagia ialah dengan membuat orang lain berbahagia. - Robert G. Ingersoll

Sifat Cinta: 1. Tidak membeda-bedakan 2. Cuma-cuma atau tanpa pamrih 3. Ketidaksadaran diri 4. Bebas - Anthony De Mello Sj

Orang yang tidak bisa memaafkan orang lain sama saja dengan orang yang memutuskan jembatan yang harus dilaluinya, karena semua orang perlu di maafkan. - Thomas Fuller

Ada dua hal yang harus Anda lupakan: Kebaikan yang Anda lakukan kepada orang lain dan kesalahan orang lain kepada Anda. - Sai Baba

Manusia terlalu sombong, kesombongan adalah karma kita yang paling merepotkan, rintangan yang terbesar. - Guru Ching Hai

Ketika Anda mengasihi seorang guru yang tercerahkan, sifat-sifat baik Beliau akan menjadi milik Anda. Berkah Beliau akan dilimpahkan kepada Anda. Anda akan menjadi lebih cerdas, tenteram dan bijak. - Guru Ching Hai

Kualitas pemimpin ditentukan oleh : 1. Kebijaksanaan. 2. Kepercayaan diri. 3. Belas kasihan. 4. Keberanian. 5. Keteguhan. - Anonim

Management Skills. 1. Memiliki konsep-konsep berpikir. 2. Berani mengambil keputusan. 3. Dapat menganalisa keadaan. 4. Dapat bersosialisasi. 5. Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik. 6. Mengerti dan tahu masalah-masalah teknis. - Anonim

5 Kelemahan pada setiap orang. 1. Di saat sembarangan, mudah membunuhnya. 2. Di saat takut, mudah menangkapnya. 3. Di saat marah, mudah menghasutnya. 4. Di saat sensitif, mudah menjadikannya terhina. 5. Di saat emosional, mudah membuatnya gelisah. - Anonim


World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) adalah Konferensi Tingkat Tinggi (KTT) yang membahas masalah-masalah masyarakat berbasis informasi. Tentunya teknologi informasi (TI) tak lepas dari KTT itu. memang

1.Resume Hasil Pertemuan WSIS

Pertemuan WSIS di Genewa pada tahun 2003
Salah satu hasil WSIS I itu adalah target yang diselaraskan dengan Millennium Development Goals-nya Persatuan Bangsa Bangsa (PBB). Salah satunya adalah target pada tahun 2015 separuh penduduk dunia harus memiliki akses terhadap informasi.

Beberapa target yang telah disepakati untuk jangka menengah dan sudah harus tercapai pada tahun 2015 adalah:
Menghubungkan seluruh desa dan menyediakan akses bagi seluruh masyarakat.
Menghubungkan seluruh Universsitas, SMU, SMP, dan SD.
Menghubungkan pusat penelitian serta pengembangan IPTEK.
Menghubungkan seluruh perpustakaan umum, pusat kebudayaan, museum dan kantor pos.
Menghubungkan pusat pelayanan kesehatan dan RS.
Menghubungkan semua kantor pemerintahan pusat dan daerah yang dilengkapi dengan situs (web) dan e-mail.
Melengkapi kurikulum pendidikan dasar dan menengah dengan komponen pendidikan telematika.
Mendorong berbagai pengembangan aplikasi.
separuh penduduk dunia harus memiliki akses terhadap informasi.

Pertemuan WSIS di Tunis pada tahun 2005
Pertemuan WSIS di Tunis ini diikuti 176 negara peserta. Mandat WSIS di Tunis ini adalah untuk mengesahkan dua dokumen yaitu:
Tunis Commitment sebagai payung komitmen politik kepala negara dalam mewujudkan masyarakat informasi, dan
Tunis Agenda for the Information Society sebagai pedoman operasional untuk mewujudkan masyarakat informasi yang meliputi Mekanisme Keuangan (Financial Mechanism), Pengelolaan Internet (Internet governance) dan Pelaksanaan dan Tindak Lanjut (Implementation and Follow-Up) .

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